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Supporting a global movement towards
a trash-free world through art and design


Our mission is to accelerate the circular economy by promoting the adaptive reuse of industrial and post-consumer waste through art and design from around the world.

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Lesvos Solidarity

Since 2016, Lesvos Solidarity and Mosaik Support Center for Refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos has provided a space of safety, dignity, and community for 630 vulnerable asylum seekers from 20 countries.  Mosaik offers language courses in English, Greek, Arabic and Farsi; legal support; vocational training in arts and crafts; upcycling workshops; music and dance classes; daycare for young children; and more. Under the auspices of Mosaik, discarded life vests used by refugees crossing to Lesvos are collected from the beaches, recycled, and turned into stylish bags by the refugees themselves. Proceeds help support these important programs that recover the sense of empowerment and autonomy that is the right of all human beings.



Made Out of WHAT New York Exhibition, May 2017


Meet the artists whose work was showcased by MOoW at Design Pavilion in NYC.