Made Out of WHAT


Our mission is to accelerate the circular economy by promoting the adaptive reuse of industrial and post-consumer waste through art and design from around the world.

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Bordalo II, Lisbon Portugal

Seemingly without warning,  the captivating monumental works of Bordalo II suddenly materialize onto busy urban locales from San Francisco to Berlin.  This Portuguese street artist, born Arturo Bordalo in 1987, is driven by a mission: to spread the urgent ecological message that the endless proliferation of urban waste is a dire threat to the existence of innocent animals, and by extension, of all living beings.  No matter what the city, Bordalo manages to collect staggering piles of the offending trash in temporary work spaces, from construction debris to car parts and toys. Undaunted by scale, he builds his creatures with casual mastery and panache, somehow imbuing them with a realism and pathos that stops the passers-by in their tracks, igniting wonderment and thought. Message delivered...


Made Out of WHAT New York Exhibition, May 2017


Meet the artists whose work was showcased by MOoW at Design Pavilion in NYC.