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Supporting a global movement towards
a trash-free world through art and design


Our mission is to accelerate the circular economy by promoting the adaptive reuse of industrial and post-consumer waste through art and design from around the world.

The Universal Sea Exhibition hosted by celebrated actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr., in the picturesque Chinatown Central Plaza of Los Angeles. A book signing will kick off the event followed by international artists transforming consumer waste into visual manifestos. Come check out these powerful inspirations and pick up a variety of ingenious and unique creation available for purchase. Click here to learn about the event.

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Maria Fiter

About one billion trees worth of paper is thrown out every year in the U.S alone and a significant part of that can be attributed to good old-fashioned newspapers. Fortunately, newspapers are easy to recycle and as a result, seventy-three percent of them are recycled in the U.S annually. Newspapers can be recycled up to four times, but just like plastic, the material diminishes in quality each time it is spun through a successive cycle. On the other hand, many innovative designers have found ways to repurpose newspapers for surprisingly sturdy sculptures and furniture. A case in point is our resourceful May artist of the month, Maria Fiter, who collects yesterday’s news and transforms it into today’s fresh, colorful, cutting edge, totally sustainable hanging lamps.


Made Out of WHAT New York Exhibition, May 2017


Meet the artists whose work was showcased by MOoW at Design Pavilion in NYC.