Made Out of WHAT
Supporting a global movement towards
a trash-free world through art and design


Our mission is to accelerate the circular economy by promoting the adaptive reuse of industrial and post-consumer waste through art and design from around the world.

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Marcus Eriksen

This month we present Marcus Eriksen with an interview from our August event series in Los Angeles. Marcus is the Research Director and co-founder of the 5 Gyres Institute. His expeditions to every subtropical ocean gyre, inland lake and river resulted in the first global estimate in 2015 of all plastic particles of every size to be found floating in the world’s oceans and waterways. By understanding the sources of the ubiquitous problem, his aim is to propose real solutions that make regional sense. In this video, while installing two highly impactful works of art in the exhibition, he states his unequivocal conclusion: we have to eliminate all harmful products and packaging from society altogether, and we have no time to lose.



Made Out of WHAT New York Exhibition, May 2017


Meet the artists whose work was showcased by MOoW at Design Pavilion in NYC.