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Our mission is to accelerate the circular economy by promoting the adaptive reuse of industrial and post-consumer waste through art and design from around the world.

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Laura Stefani

“I like to make the plastic speak.” 
Born in 1964 in Padua, Italy, Laura Stefani aims to give dignity and value to plastic.  Completely self-taught, she has developed her own non-toxic fabrication technique through experimentation. She patiently cuts her material by hand, mainly discarded plastic bottles, into thin filaments which she then interlaces and heats to achieve her desired shapes. Stefani collaborates with the silversmith Eva Franceschini, who realizes all of the silver parts of the jewelry. Each piece is an exquisite wearable sculpture. With a degree in General Linguistics from the Faculty of Letters, University of Padua, Stefani has exhibited in Padua, Geneva, Milan, and Florence. In 2013,  she showed in "Bella Gioia," an exhibition at Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery in Israel.
Stefani’s fabulous cutting edge (pun intended) jewelry and art will soon be available for purchase on the Made Out of WHAT online showroom.  Stay tuned!


Made Out of WHAT New York Exhibition, May 2017


Meet the artists whose work was showcased by MOoW at Design Pavilion in NYC.