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Talking TRASH with global innovators. Discover with us their unique stories, motivations, and solutions in these film shorts.


LET'S TALK TRASH with global innovators.  Discover with us their unique stories, motivations and solutions. 

This month we present Marcus Eriksen with an interview from our August event series in Los Angeles. Marcus is the Research Director and co-founder of the 5 Gyres Institute. His expeditions to every subtropical ocean gyre, inland lake and river resulted in the first global estimate in 2015 of all plastic particles of every size to be found floating in the world's oceans and waterways.
Since 2016, Lesvos Solidarity, and Mosaik Support Center for Refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos has provided a space of safety, dignity, and community for 630 vulnerable asylum seekers from 20 countries. Mosaik offers language courses in English, Greek, Arabic and Farsi, legal support, vocational training in arts and crafts, upcycling workshops, music and dance classes, daycare for young children, and more.

About one billion trees worth of paper is thrown out every year in the U.S alone and a significant part of that can be attributed to good old-fashioned newspapers. Fortunately, newspapers are easy to recycle and as a result, seventy-three percent of them are recycled in the U.S annually. Newspapers can be recycled up to four times, but just like plastic, the material diminishes in quality each time it is spun through a successive cycle. On the other hand, many innovative designers have found ways to repurpose newspapers for surprisingly sturdy sculptures and furniture. A case in point is our resourceful May artist of the month, Maria Fiter, who collects yesterday’s news and transforms it into today’s fresh, colorful, cutting edge, totally sustainable hanging lamps.


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