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Vedat Ulgen

“I like to push the boundaries of what a material can do, and  eventually become.”  -Vedat Ulgen

Vedat Ulgen thinks outside the box and lets the material guide his designs. He started a company called Thislexik to make a definitive break away from traditional contemporary design principles and enter a realm of experimentation where aesthetics, science and humor intersect. Ulgen says, "I like to think there is a certain "wow" factor to my pieces, not only in the way they look but how they are put together, what materials are used to create something unexpected." What you see is not what you get.



After graduating from Pratt Institute, Ulgen founded Thislexik in early 2014. He is particularly drawn to experimenting with new technologies and using materials in unconventional ways. Ulgen approaches every aspect of design, ranging from the scientific to the artistic with a touch of humor, as evident in his clever yet functional designs.

He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.