Made Out of WHAT

Rodney Allen Trice

Rodney Allen Trice

“No object has been neglected too long, been tossed too far or is too ordinary to be a star.”

Trice's world is one of the best places to plot an end to our growing disposable culture. Though recycling might seem to be the clear mission, he prefers the term “refitting.” His process is more “object career counseling” than waste-handling. Simplicity is paramount, as is integrity to both the mid-century modern aesthetics and the
original object’s first identity.



Rodney has been experimenting with used materials and re-envisioning objects for over two decades. He was included in Time magazine’s “Green Design 100 List” Rodney’s work is sure to make you rethink the world around you and stir childlike fantasies. Here anything is possible. Whether you see his work as art, whimsical invention or post-apocalyptic retro decor, he taps into the past overlaying a future that excites and surprises.