Made Out of WHAT


July 20th 2017
Made Out of WHAT  has curated an exhibition in Los Angeles!
Founder and Creative Director Denise Domergue  has put together an exciting selection of work by LA artist Karyl Sisson. With mystifying twists and mathematical logic, Sisson meticulously crafts her art, furniture and jewelry out of a variety of overlooked domestic items.
Don’t miss the artist’s reception on August 5th! 


May 15, 2017

MOoW's first artist documentary, featuring LA artist Aaron Kramer. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a monthly video and articles about ingenious practical solutions.

May 4, 2017

Denise Domergue on why she founded Made Out of WHAT

Denise has made four short videos to be seen across our social media. Here's the first, which has posted today.


May 1, 2017`

New York Times Recommends MOoW as a Don’t Miss Destination

Even the venerable New York Times is getting with the program of adaptive re-use. A listing in their April 27th edition encourages readers to visit Made Out of WHAT’s pavilion in Times Square during Design Pavilion, and we couldn’t be happier.

You’re all invited to stop by, see some amazing examples of artist work, meet the team and talk trash. We’ll be open for business May 18-22, 2017 near the intersection of 43rd Street and 7th Avenue.


April 27, 2017

Taking the Trash to Times Square NYC

(VENICE, CA)  In an unconventional twist, a California-based non-profit is taking the opposite tactic of depositing its trash into New York City’s Times Square. Made Out of WHAT, an organization dedicated to transforming society’s perception of post-industrial waste, showcases artists who use discarded materials to make beautiful objects. A portable exhibition built entirely of recycled materials will be assembled on a triangular island at 7th Avenue and 43rd Street between May 18-22, 2017 as part of Design Pavilion NYC, an annual outdoor event. Inside the hexagonal pavilion a display of the artist works made from upcycled materials can be seen.

“Of course we’ll take it away when we’re done,” says Denise Domergue, Made Out of WHAT’s founder and guiding light. “But while it’s there people can get a look at some of the truly inspired things people are doing with transformed trash.” The organization hopes to spread the message that adaptive re-use is the wave of the future, a creative alternative to the problem of toxic landfills and widespread environmental pollution.

Made Out of WHAT aims to grow an international initiative with participants and contributors from all over planet earth. The organization does its work via a website, digital archive, events, gallery and museum exhibitions, international conferences and design fairs, video and film, print media, and multiple social media platforms. Under the tagline “Let’s Talk Trash,” the intention is to start the conversation about adaptive re-use, and encourage a shift in perception of waste. “These materials don’t need to be discarded,” Domergue says. “We need to think of them simply as underutilized resources.”