Made Out of WHAT
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Artist Residency

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The Details

  • 1 week to ten-day artist residency 
  • room and board provided 
  • metalworking and bronze foundry facility
  • woodworking facility
  • Ceramics Facility
  • printmaking
  • Materials available- Metal scraps, wood, and pallet, cement/concrete 
  • preference towards functional design but art installation proposals considered
  • Object to remain at Arconanti for the festival on October 5-7th final  object placement to be decided between Aronazi and artist/designer

About Arcosanti 

Our vision is to seek equitable and sustainable relationships between human activities and the Earth’s ecology.


  • Further demonstrate the Arcosanti urban laboratory as a prototype Arcology
  • Assume a significant role in the conversation surrounding environmental stewardship
  • Inspire research and foster educational and cultural transformation