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Design stories from the circular economy. Highlighting artists, designers, and innovators who are using trash as their raw material.

MOoW Spring Runway

Our MOoW Spring Runway features some favorite designers who have been steaming ahead of the fashion curve with colorful collections and wearable art. The mere shift to conscious use of fabric remnants and all manner of unlikely debris ironically opens up an explosion of playful, fresh ideas among forward-thinking designers, artists and other creative types. The fact that the clothes are most often individually assembled like works of art and skillfully hand-made guarantees that no two will be alike: each one an instant unique conscious classic.

Denise Domergue

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Japanese company turns baseball bats into chopsticks

Japan raises awareness about its single-use chopstick habit and resultant deforestation by repurposing baseball bats traditionally made of a precious Japanese hardwood.  The baseball bats are transformed into chopsticks that become mementos of their highly popular sport instead of winding up in the trash.

Tina Ateljevic

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